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DoorProtect Plus Fibra

Wired indoor motion, shock, and tilt detector

DoorProtect Plus is equipped with two reed switches and an accelerometer to detect opening, shocks and tilts. When installed on doors, shopfronts, panoramic and dormer windows, the detector reports intrusion instantly.



  • Accelerometer to detect shock and tilt,
  • Fibra line connection up to 2,000 m,
  • The magnet can be installed to the right or left side of the detector,
  • Terminals to connect a third-party NC detector,
  • Protection against reed switch chattering,
  • Hassel-free installation


Door opening sensor in burglar alarm

One of the most common burglar alarm sensors is the door and window opening sensor.

The window and door opening sensor consists of two parts: a sensor and a magnet. The sensor is based on a reed switch — a device in which the contacts are normally closed or open. Under the action of a magnetic field, the contacts open or close.

The detector is mounted on the window frame, the door jamb, and the magnet is mounted on the sash. In a state of calm, the sensor and the magnet are located side by side — the sensor is in a magnetic field. When the door is opened, the magnet moves away from the sensor, the strength of the magnetic field becomes smaller, the contact in the sensor closes or opens, and the detector activates the alarm. When the door or window closes, the magnet begins to act on the sensor, and it works again.

The distance between the magnet and the sensor housing is approximately 1.5 cm. This allows the detector to detect even a small opening of a window or door. Thanks to this principle of operation, the device is protected from false alarms caused by drafts, etc.

Accelerometer to detect

Shocks | Tilt

Protection against
reed switch chattering


Fibra line connection

up to 2,000 m