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DoorProtect Fibra

Wired indoor opening detector

Opening sensors help protect the space by detecting the opening of windows and doors. By installing opening detectors, it is possible to avoid the intrusion into the premises under protection, theft and damage to property.


  • Two installation options, and two magnets included,
  • Magnet can be installed on either side of the detector,
  • Fibra line connection up to 2,000 m,
  • Two colours,
  • Terminals to connect a third-party NC detector,
  • Data-rich notifications,
  • Remote control and setup,
  • Energy consumption up to 45 µA

The principle of operation of sensors for opening windows and doors

Opening sensors are autonomous or work as part of a security alarm. Standalone devices are often equipped with a siren activated after the detector has detected an opening. The sensor helps to draw the attention of the environment to the incident and scare off the intruder.

Security opening sensors as part of the security system transmit an alarm signal to the control panel, which, in turn, reports the incident to the system’s users, the security company’s monitoring console, and turns on the sirens.

Door opening sensors are often mounted in the entrance area or in places where a high level of protection is needed: vaults, rooms with securities, etc. Windows are protected in places easily accessible to thieves on the lower and upper floors of the building.

The magnet can be installed to the right or left side of the detector

2 reed switches

Protection against
reed switch chattering


Fibra line connection

up to 2,000 m