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Boosts the range of Ajax security system devices

ReX is the radio signal range extender that boosts the range of all Ajax security system devices and manages their communication with the hub. The intelligent radio signal range extender enables users to place Ajax devices at a considerable distance from the hub for protecting multi-story offices, detached buildings, and even production plants. Connecting 5 ReXs to the security system extends its coverage to up to 35 km².



ReX acts as a reliable link between the hub and Ajax devices. Depending on the requirements, all detectors or only some of them can operate via the intelligent range extender. Meanwhile, the number of devices connected to ReX does not affect the speed of alarm delivery.

  • Extends radio coverage area up to 16 km²
  • Alarms communicated in 0.3 seconds
  • All data is encrypted
  • Notifies of jamming and tampering with the device body
  • Functions up to 35 hours after a power outage
  • Functions up to 35 hours after a power outage
  • Cargo protocol for uninterrupted data synchronization with the hub

Tech Specs

Color white/black
Installation indoors
Compatibility Hub, Hub Plus, Hub 2 (no MotionCam support)
Radio communication range with devices up to 1,800 m
Alarm delivery speed 0.3 s
Maximum connected devices (in a system with one range extender) Hub, Hub 2 - 99 / Hub Plus -149|
Max number of connected ReX per hub* Hub- 1 / Hub Plus, Hub 2 - 5 |
Power supply 110-240 V AC
Battery backup Li-Ion 2 Ah Up to 35 hours of operation from the pre-installed back-up battery
Operating temperature range from -10°C to +40° C
Permissible humidity up to 75%
Dimensions 163xl 63x36 mm
Weight 330 g

Security on a massive scale

Enhances the security system

ReX integrates the devices into an autonomous group within the system. The extender takes full control of the situation if the connection with the hub is interrupted for some reason. If one of its detectors sends an alarm signal, ReX may activate the siren to attract attention to the incident and scare off the burglar.


Reliable link for secure communication

ReX can manage some or all the devices in the system. Yet, the number of connected devices does not affect the alarm delivery speed.

The second decision-making center

ReX runs on OS Malevich and is as capable as the hub. The intelligent extender manages its connected devices and makes critical decisions in a blink of an eye. The capabilities and the role of ReX in the security system continue to evolve with the free OS Malevich updates available for all the users.

  • Always in sync with the hub
  • Immediate reaction to threats
  • New features with every system update